The Gigiri Lounge

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The Gigiri Lounge

For this guide, I scoped out restaurants offering fresh air dining destinations that are tucked away on patios and gardens, so that you could have your meal surrounded by greenery…………

The gigiri lounge is the ultimate venue, captured in the scenic surroundings of Nairobi’s Gigiri area. The beauty of the location, uncompromised quality of food and high level of service attracts customers to the restaurant

Barely three months old, the gigiri lounge offers you the best and authentic African cuisine with a continental touch. Their staff is well trained, polite, friendly and extremely helpful and always ready with a smile to offer top notch service

What attracted me to this place, is their perfectly designed clean and comfy private sitting lounges for small gatherings that can cater for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, etc as well as a state of the art boardroom for meetings

A Gigiri lounge signature dish is their fish, choma and pizzeria done in the proper Italian way…………Today more than ever, when choosing where and what to eat, safety is paramount. The gigiri lounge offers the covid 19 guidelines which creates a haven from whats outside