Cate Mukei: Letter to my Community!

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Cate Mukei: Letter to my Community!

Dear reader,

It’s nice to meet you!

Have met before or bumped into each other in these internet streets? Not yet?

My name is Cate Mukei, I’m a former Kenyan journalist currently working and living in Sweden. I’m also a fitness and wellness enthusiast who literally lives and dreams of the gym.

See, I wasn’t always like this. In fact if you asked me about a gym before 2016, I would have told you that it was a place where rich people go to feel good about themselves.

So how did I become a self-proclaimed fitness ambassador?

I went through a very hard time in my life between 2014 and 2015. I walked around Nairobi streets with a blurred vision, dizzy moments and weight loss. I, eventually found out that I was depressed.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing my journey in fitness. How it helped get better mentally, build my confidence and settle in a new country.

I hope to produce inclusive content so feel free to share what you wish to achieve in your fitness journey?

Let’s walk together.

Fitness Addict,
Cate Mukei.